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Where is the globe valve commonly used?


A globe valve is a type of valve used in the pipeline to regulate and control the flow of the liquid or gas from one side to another side. It consists of a rotating disk that controls an opening in a pipeline by sealing it shut when the disk is turned so that only one way opens at any given time; thus allowing control over the flow rate while preventing leakage past any point where there may be damage to piping materials such as their threads or seals. The main advantage of globe valves is that they can be used for both on-off applications and for throttling applications.

Application of globe valves

The globe valve is used in many industries, they can be used for water, gas, steam, and oil, including the process of chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing. Because of its reliability and flexibility to completely shut off the flow, globe valves are therefore popularly used in industrial plants where there is an application for these pressures and temperatures. These include chemical plants, water treatment plants, oil refineries, pulp, and paper plants.

Stainless steel globe valve

1. The first major application for globe valves is in water supply and wastewater systems. They are used to control flow through a pipe network, with most of the world’s drinking water passing through one of these valves on its way from source to tap.

2. Globe valves are also commonly used in heating systems, where they act as isolation valves between the main supply and various radiators throughout a building. This allows the heating system to be switched off without having to shut down individual radiators.

3. Another major application for globe valves is in industrial processes such as chemical plants or oil refineries. Here there may be hundreds or thousands of individual pipes running through vast areas of land. Globe valves allow these pipes to be switched on or off without affecting any other part of the process and without having to shut down multiple pumps at once

The globe valve is also commonly used in the following industrial processes:

1. Chemical manufacturing

The globe valve is used to control the flow of chemicals through piping systems. It can help prevent accidental spills and leaks by completely shutting off fluid flow when not needed.

2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Globe valves are used to control the flow of drug products through piping systems, helping ensure that drugs are safely produced and distributed.

3. Food processing :

Globe valves are used to control the flow of raw materials into a food processing facility, as well as a finished product out of the facility. They are also useful in controlling steam or water pressure during cleaning or sanitation procedures at a factory or plant site.

Threaded Globe Valve

The principle of selection of globe valves

1. High-temperature, high-pressure media on the pipeline or device is appropriate to use the shut-off valve. Such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, petrochemical systems of high temperature, and high-pressure pipelines.

2. The pipeline on the resistance requirements is not a strict pipeline. That is, where the pressure loss is not considered.

3. Small valves can be used needle valves, instrument valves, sampling valves, pressure gauge valves, etc.

4. There are flow regulations or pressure regulations, but the requirements for regulation accuracy are not high, and the diameter of the pipeline is relatively small, such as nominal through < 50mm of the pipeline, should be used.

5. Synthetic industrial production of small and large chemical fertilizers should be used for nominal pressure PN160 nominal pressure 16MPa or PN320 nominal pressure 32MPa high-pressure angular globe valve or high-pressure angular throttle valve.

6. Urban construction of water supply, heating engineering, nominal through the smaller pipeline, can be used to cut off, balancing valve or plunger valve, such as nominal through the pipeline of less than 150mm.


The globe valve is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used to control flow between two pipes. A wide variety of industries have found this type of valve to be essential for the efficient operation of their facilities. Globe valves are usually constructed from metal or plastic and are designed for both high-pressure and low-pressure applications. Because there are so many different types available, it’s important to choose a model that will meet your specific needs.


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