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What is a butterfly valve used for?


A butterfly valve, also called a flap valve, is a simple structure of the regulating valve, that can be used for low-pressure pipeline media switch control of the butterfly valve refers to the closing member (valve flap or butterfly plate) for the disc, rotating around the valve shaft to achieve the opening and closing of a valve.

The valve can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, slurry, oil, liquid metal, and radioactive media. The pipeline mainly plays a cutting-off and throttling role. The butterfly valve opening and closing member is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to open and close or regulate the purpose.

The butterfly valve is usually less than 90° from fully open to fully closed, and the butterfly valve and the butterfly stem itself have no self-locking ability, so for the positioning of the butterfly plate, a worm gear reducer is added to the stem. The use of a worm gear reducer can not only make the butterfly plate have the self-locking ability and make the butterfly plate stop at any position, but also improve the operational performance of the valve.

The use of butterfly valve:

butterfly valve

The structure of the butterfly valve is very simple, only a simple valve body, stem, butterfly plate, seat, and drive device a few simple components, although the structure is simple, the role of the butterfly valve can not be underestimated, a small structure has a great use. There are many types of butterfly valves, according to the sealing structure, they can be divided into soft seal butterfly valves and common double eccentric hard seal butterfly valves, and triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valves, what are the roles and uses of different butterfly valves? Then look down.

1. butterfly valve can be used as regulating flow when the butterfly valve needs to regulate the flow under special working conditions, the environment with strict requirements for sealing performance, or the working environment where the butterfly valve is located is severe wear and tear, low temperature and other harsh working conditions, in the above-mentioned cases, it is necessary to use a special design metal seal with regulating device special butterfly valve with three eccentric.

2. Double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for use as regulating and throttling device in the pipeline of urban heating, gas supply, and water supply projects, and the applicable media include oil, acid, and alkaline substances. The sealing performance of the double eccentric butterfly valve is not good, and it is applied in the pipeline that allows a certain amount of leakage. If the pipeline needs to ensure the sealing performance, it needs to use three eccentric butterfly valves.

3. Soft seal butterfly valve has good sealing performance and is suitable for a pipeline that requires complete sealing and zero leakage for management. The soft seal butterfly valve has good sealing performance, the disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by temperature, the working temperature of the rubber soft seal butterfly valve is 0-80℃, and the working temperature of the fluorine lined soft seal butterfly valve is between -10-150℃. Soft seal butterfly valves are suitable for media such as fresh water, sewage, seawater, salt water, steam, oil, and other weak acid and alkali media.

4. Butterfly valves, especially double eccentric butterfly valves and triple eccentric butterfly valves in hard seal butterfly valves are suitable for large diameter valves. The double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for opening and closing and regulating ventilation and dust removal pipeline, which is widely used in the ventilation and dust removal pipeline of the metallurgical industry, light industry, electric power industry, petrochemical industry, etc. The application field of the triple eccentric butterfly valve is more extensive, it not only inherits the advantages of a metal hard seal butterfly valve of high temperature and high-pressure resistance, but also has the excellent sealing performance of a soft seal butterfly valve, which is a good alternative to a gate valve, globe valve, and ball valve.

5. Butterfly valves have a wide range of uses in various applications as on/off service, throttling, flow control, and sometimes isolation duties. The most common applications for the use of butterfly valves include water plants, power plants, refineries, wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, and paper mills. Butterfly valves are used in the petrochemical industry due to their characteristics such as double offset design, lightweight, and low cost.


Understanding the role of butterfly valves, in order to use the right butterfly valve on the right occasion, but also to make the butterfly valve better for our service. If you have a purchase plan for butterfly valves, welcome to find Wesdom Valves.


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