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Tel: +86-13849184495
Fax: +86-371-55883235
E-mail: weisidun@wsdvalve.com
Address: ZhengZhou,HeNan,China.


  • Quality advantage

    2021-11-26 13:56:37

    The major products for a variety of valves of cast iron, steel, stainless ,steel, copper materials; malleable iron and stainless steel pipe fittings; ductile iron, stainless steel fittings; flanges and other products, mainly used in construction, petroleum, chemical.

  • Operating advantages

    2021-11-26 13:56:33

    In order to better serve Africa, the huge potential market, our Group set up its own office in Africa , as the goal for the service and push the construction and development of Africa .Our company has always made full use of high technology to improve our products.

  • Service advantage

    2021-11-26 13:56:30

    The company is equipped with mechanical processing center, physical and chemical center. Each production is charged by a specific department, which makes the pass rate reach 100%. High quality not only bring competitive advantage for us.

  • Generate advantages

    2021-11-26 13:56:26

    Group consists of six companies, in addition to HeNan WeiSiDun Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. which is specialized in the import and export of foreign trade, the other five companies all producing factories, Hebei iron valves branch.

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