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Turbine flow meter principle and installation matters


The turbine flow meter is a kind of turbine principle based on the measurement of liquid or gas flow equipment. The turbine flow meter is a new type of intelligent instrument that uses advanced ultra-low power single-chip microcomputer technology to develop a turbine flow sensor and display accumulation integration, with a double-row LCD field display, with the obvious advantages of a compact mechanism, intuitive and clear readings, high reliability, free from external power interference, lightning strike resistance, low cost, etc. These devices are commonly used in industrial applications to monitor various parameters such as pressure drop on valves and pressure rise on pumps, compressor discharge conditions, etc. Turbine flow meters are the most popular and widely used volumetric flow meters for liquids.

Turbine flow meter

The working principle of turbine flow meter:

If you want to measure the turbine flow meter accurately, you must first know how the turbine flow meter works. It consists of a form of obstruction within a pipe that causes the fluid to increase in speed and decrease in pressure as it passes through. The gas turbine flow meter is usually used with orifice plates and uses the Bernoulli equation to determine the differential pressure produced by the restriction to determine the flow rate.

The turbine flow meter is equipped with a turbine with a vane, the vane and the flow direction have an angle. When the measured fluid through the turbine, under the action of the fluid, the turbine has a rotational torque, after overcoming friction and fluid resistance and rotation. When the torque is balanced, the rotational speed tends to be stable. In a certain range, the rotational speed of the turbine is proportional to the average flow velocity in the flow channel. The blades on the turbine have magnetic conductivity and are in the magnetic field of the signal detector composed of permanent magnets and detection coils. When the rotating blades periodically cut the magnetic lines of force generated by the permanent magnets, they cause periodic changes in the magnetic flux in the detection coils, thus generating a periodic induced potential at both ends of the coils, i.e., an electrical pulse signal. The electrical pulse signal is shaped and amplified by the amplifier and can be transmitted to the display instrument.

Turbine flow meter installation matters:

The flow meter must be installed horizontally on the pipe (pipe inclination within 5), the installation of the flow meter axis should be concentric with the axis of the pipe, and the flow direction to be consistent.

Flow meter upstream pipe length should be not less than 2D equivalent straight pipe section if the installation site is allowed to recommend the upstream straight pipe section for 20D, and downstream for 5D.

Requirements for piping.

The upstream and downstream piping of the flow meter installation point has the same inner diameter as the inner diameter of the flow meter.


Turbine flow meter


The requirements of the bypass tube.

In order to ensure that the flow meter maintenance does not affect the normal use of the medium, before and after the flow meter pipeline should be installed on the shut-off valve (shut-off valve), while the bypass pipe should be set. A flow control valve should be installed downstream of the flow meter, the flow meter used upstream of the installed shut-off valve must be fully open to avoid the unsteady flow of fluid in the upstream part of the phenomenon. 

Requirements for the external environment.

The flow meter is best installed indoors, must be installed outdoors, and must be used to protect from the sun, rain, and lightning measures, so as not to affect the service life.

Requirements for impurities in the medium.

In order to ensure the service life of the flow meter, a filter should be installed in front of the straight pipe section of the flow meter.

Installation site.

The flow meter should be installed in easy to maintain, with no strong electromagnetic interference and thermal radiation in the place

Requirements for the installation of welding.


A turbine flow meter is an accurate and reliable device for measuring the flow rate of fluids. It is used in many industries as it has a long working life, high accuracy, and is easy to install. This device can measure different liquids like gas and water with high precision.


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