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The treatment of the leakage globe valve spool

Do you know what to do if you install a globe valve and have a leak at the joint with the pipe?  

Let’s find out:  

When the spool is leaking, it is likely that the spool is damaged. The simple treatment method is to remove the old spool and replace the new spool. In addition, you need to pay attention to twist the valve with soft force , otherwise it will lead to very severe wear.

There is a gasket inside each spool. It is easily damaged and has a short service life. So if the gasket is worn, we do not need to replace the whole spool, just need to replace the inner ring.  


If you need to replace the spool, attention please :

1.Close the main water valve.

2.With a screwdriver unscrew the back of the set screw.  

3.Remove the tap with an adjustable wrench.

4.Open the upper part of the plug.

5.Take out the old spool and install the new one.

6.Insert the handle and secure it with screws.


In this way, the replacement of the spool is completed.Last but no least,when we choose valve, the most important thing is that choosing excellent quality spools, otherwise it is prone to various leakage problems in the future.  



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