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The advantages of remote water meters

Among the many smart water meters, the remote water meter is a relatively new type of smart water meter. Compared with other types of smart water meters, the remote water meter has many advantages.

1. The smart remote water meter uses a straight-through pipe section, which will not cause internal blockage during use.

2. During the installation process, because the smart remote water meter does not have any moving parts, the installation steps are relatively convenient. The main installation forms are horizontal and vertical, so there is no problem of inaccurate measurement caused by wear.

3. The intelligent remote water meter adopts a low-power design, which has a long service life and saves the trouble of replacing the battery.

4. The intelligent remote water meter can accurately measure the accuracy during the entire service cycle, and it will not change due to time.

5. The intelligent remote water meter will not be interfered by impurities, chemical substances and magnetic substances during use.


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