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  • Wafer Universal Butterfly Valve
  • Wafer Universal Butterfly Valve
  • Wafer Universal Butterfly Valve
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    JIS Wafer Universal Butterfly Valve

    Size Range: 2~10"(DN50~DN250)

    Pressure:PN6, PN10, PN16, Class150,10K

    Body Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, WCB , Stainless Steel, Bronze

    Seat Materials: NBR, EPDM, VITON, PTFE

    Disc Materials: Ductile Iron, WCB, CF8,CF8M, Al-bronze C958

    Stem Materials: SS416, SS304, SS316

    End Connection: Wafer

    Operate: Manual, Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric-Motorized

    Disc type: With-pin, One stem no-pin, Double stem no-pin

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    Tel: +86-18539246853
    Fax: +86-371-55883235
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Address: ZhengZhou,HeNan,China.

    Adoptive Standards:

    Valve Design: API 609, MSS SP-67

    Face To Face: API 609, MSS SP-67, DIN3202, BS EN558-1

    Pressure Test: API 598

    Flange Drilling: ANSI B16.1 class125, BS4504 PN10/PN16, DIN2501 PN10/PN16

    Top Flange: ISO5211

    Product advantages:

    1. The product side flanges comply with national, German, Russian, American, British and Japanese standards and other domestic and international standards for multiple pressures, easy connection and wide adaptability, which can reduce the type of purchase and stock.

      2. The thickness of valve body meets the requirement of GB 26640, and the thickness and pressure strength are guaranteed.

      3. The valve body is made of qt450-10 material and has 3 grades of spheroidization rate, with stronger mechanical properties, tensile strength of 450Mpa and extension rate of more than 10%. Compared with cast iron body, the tensile strength of the same thickness is twice that of cast iron body, and the applicable working pressure is higher.

      4. The seat is made of imported rubber material with 50% adhesive content.The valve sealing is reliable, the opening and closing moment is stable, the valve seat has a long service life, and the opening and closing times can reach more than 10000.

      5. The seat is a wide-edge seat, which is favorable for valve installation, wide contact surface with flange boss on pipeline, reliable sealing performance, and the installation precision is lower than the narrow-edge seat. Seat axial with concave table, with o-ring, can realize seat axial secondary seal.

      6. The valve shaft and valve body are equipped with 4 oil-free bearings and 3 o-type seals. The valve shaft supports more vigorously and the axial seal is more reliable.

      7. Ultrasonic cleaning shall be carried out before packing of each valve, so as to prevent contamination and particulate impurities from remaining in the valve body, ensure cleanliness of the valve and prevent contamination of the water body of the pipeline by the valve itself.

      8. The body is sprayed with epoxy resin plastic powder from Aksu, a world-famous brand, which can be deposited thicker and have stronger adhesion after melt curing. 

      9. On the packaging: each valve of wesdomis individually packed with PE heat-shrinkable film, with built-in drying agent to isolate air dust and prevent the valve from being polluted by damp.

      10. The position of the sign table is humanized and set on both sides of the valve body. After installation, it is convenient for users to view.The sign is made of 304 material, with laser marking. The writing is clear and lasts for a long time.Fixed with stainless steel rivets, more beautiful appearance and stronger connection.

      11. The bolt is made of 304 material, with stronger anti-rust ability.

      12. The pin with the pin butterfly valve adopts the tempering treatment, with high strength and wear resistance, and the connection is safe and reliable.

      13. Each product of wesdomhas its own QR code mark and unique ID number from accessories to finished products.By scanning the codes, the inspection results of each stage in the production process can be inquired to achieve traceability of product quality.

    Standard Test :

    Body Test: 1.5 times the working pressure with water. This test is performed after valve assembly and with disc in half position open, it is called as a body hydro test.

    Seat Test: 1.1 times the working pressure with water.

    Function / Operation Test: At the time of final inspection, each valve and its actuator (Flow-Control Lever / Gear / Pneumatic Actuator), under goes a complete operating test (Open/Close). This test carried out without pressure and at ambient temperature. It ensures the correct operation of the valve / actuator assembly with accessories such as solenoid valve, limit switches, air filter regulator etc.

    Special Test: On request, any other test can be carried out according to special instruction by client.


    Wafer Universal Butterfly Valve

    A B C L ANSI 150B DIN PN 10 DIN PN 16 JIS 10K ISO  5211 Top Flange
    øK N-ød øK N-ød øK N-ød øK N-ød øD øD1 N-øG
    67 141 32 33 98.5 4-ø16 110 4-ø18 110 4-ø18 105 4-ø19 65 50 4-ø8 F05
    67 141 32 43 120.6 4-ø19 125 4-ø18 125 4-ø18 120 4-ø19 65 50 4-ø8 F05
    75 151 32 46 139.7 4-ø19 145 4-ø18 145 4-ø18 140 4-ø19 65 50 4-ø8 F05
    95 160 32 46 152.4 4-ø19 160 8-ø18 160 8-ø18 150 8-ø19 65 50 4-ø8 F05
    111 180 32 52 190.5 8-ø19 180 8-ø18 180 8-ø18 175 8-ø19 90 70 4-ø10 F07
    129 193 32 56 215.9 8-ø22.4 210 8-ø18 210 8-ø18 210 8-ø23 90 70 4-ø10 F07
    142 207 32 56 241.3 8-ø22.4 240 8-ø22 240 8-ø22 240 8-ø23 90 70 4-ø10 F07
    170 240 45 60 298.4 8-ø22.4 295 8-ø22 295 12-ø22 290 12-ø23 125 102 4-ø12 F10
    206 270 45 68 361.9 12-ø25.4 350 12-ø22 355 12-ø26 355 12-ø25 125 102 4-ø12 F10
    238 316 45 78 431.8 12-ø25.4 400 12-ø22 410 12-ø26 400 16-ø25 125 102 4-ø12 F10
    267 368 45 78 476.2 12-ø28.4 460 16-ø22 470 16-ø26 445 16-ø25 125 102 4-ø12 F10
    298 400 51 86 539.7 16-ø28.4 515 12-ø26 525 16-ø30 510 16-ø27 175 140 4-ø18 F14
    318 422 51 105 577.8 16-ø31.8 565 20-ø26 585 20-ø30 565 20-ø27 175 140 4-ø18 F14
    349 479 57 130 635 20-ø31.8 620 20-ø26 650 20-ø33 620 20-ø27 175 140 4-ø18 F14
    410 562 70 152 749.3 20-ø35.1 725 20-ø30 770 20-ø36 730 24-ø33 210 165 4-ø22 F16

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