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How to troubleshoot common water meter faults?

In the process of using the water meter in the field, often encounter a variety of abnormalities, and even stop walking, the most common problems and treatment methods are as follows.

1. The problem of water meter rotation and handling methods.

Water meter spinning causes are:

①Usually due to pipeline leakage, such as internal piping has a concealed leak, flush toilet leakage, water heater with water after the water is not shut off in time, etc. when the water meter spinning more than present a long time continuous, uniform rotation.

The treatment method is to analyze and check whether there is internal pipe leakage.

②Due to the water pressure fluctuations in the pipe network.

The treatment method is to install it in front of the meter to eliminate fluctuations in accessories. Installation of a check valve can reduce the frequency of water meter rotation, but also can well solve the problem of water meter rotation caused by pressure fluctuations.

wesdom water meter

③Due to the water meter glass below and the water meter after the water pipe with air.

The treatment method is to loosen the meter cover and open the tap exhaust.

④The water meter installation method is not appropriate.

The treatment method is to avoid close parallel installation of two meters. If there is a secondary water supply, avoid pool water pipes and underground network water pipes in series. For example, some units of residential dormitory installed two sets of water, the roof pool water pipe and pipe network water pipe in series, the use of one of the water valves is not closed tight. The treatment method is to control the roof pool water valve and control the pipe network water valve of the control pipe network water valve of one of the water valves shut tight.

2. Water meter when the positive rotation when the reverse problem and processing methods.

When the water meter is reversed, the reason is that there is a certain amount of fixed high-pressure water in the pipe connected to both ends of the meter. When the municipal network pressure rises, the volume of tap water in the tube after the meter will shrink due to the increase in pressure, there will be a small amount of water through the water meter, resulting in positive rotation; when the pressure decreases, the compressed water in the tube after the meter due to the lower pressure and expansion, there will be a small amount of water through the water meter, resulting in reverse rotation. The mechanical table in the water is under into the upper, to promote the impeller positive rotation, and reverse into the water is up into the lower, to promote the impeller reversal, the two phases of the water into the resistance is different, although the same amount of water into the two ends, reflected in the water table readings are very different.

Treatment is installed in front of the table check valve, the check valve can play a role in stopping the backflow of water. When the pressure rises, the water is compressed, and the water meter produces positive rotation; when the pressure decreases, the check valve automatically closes, and the water meter will not produce rotation. When the pressure rises again, as long as the pressure is not higher than the pressure of the check valve, the water meter will not turn again.

wesdom water meter

3. Water meter drip and handling methods.

Ordinary mechanical water meter is widely used because of their low price and easy installation and use. The rotation of the ordinary water meter relies on the rotation of the internal gear driven by the water flow to achieve measurement, because the rotational force of its internal gear is less than the friction of the system when dripping or flowing very slowly, resulting in the gear not rotating, the water meter will not be able to measure.

The solution is to seek the help of maintenance personnel. In addition, the use of an intelligent water meter can solve this problem, intelligent water meter by the flowmeter measuring mechanism, diaphragm valve control mechanism, anti-theft structure, IC card and microcontroller, and other parts of the composition. The application of intelligent water meters can improve the management level of resources and better solve the problems of dripping water meters that can not be measured and are difficult to charge.

4. Water meter stopping and handling methods.

Often used rotary water meter stop walking reasons are:

①Top head serious wear, top loose back, and other reasons so that the impeller touches the bottom;

②Impeller bushing loose and stuck impeller;

③Gear for some reason broken.

Treatment methods:

①Change the top and readjust or change the table;

②Change the bushing or the whole impeller or change the table;

③Change the gear or change the table.

5. Pointer vibration or dial plate creak.

If your water meter is making unusual noises, you may have a problem with the pointer. If this happens, it’s important to check for loose parts or damaged parts in the dial plate area. You’ll also want to make sure that there isn’t any dirt, rust, or corrosion on any of the parts involved in moving the pointer (including springs). In addition, if your meter registers unusually high amounts of water usage, this can indicate a leak somewhere along those pipes leading into and out of your home. It’s important to thoroughly examine each area of your meter in order to identify potential problems before fixing them—and it’s equally as important to look at installation issues like incorrect flow curves or mismatched register capacity when dealing with faulty devices such as these ones here today!


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