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How does the electric butterfly valve work?

How does the electric butterfly valve work?

The electric butterfly valve is composed of an electric actuator and butterfly valve, so it has the advantages of easy operation and simple structure of butterfly valve and is also widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. And because of the assistance of electric actuators, the development of butterfly valves has reached a new level. The working principle of the electric butterfly valve: The valve stem is driven by the electric device to make the butterfly plate produce a 90° rotary motion to achieve the opening and closing of the valve.

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The principle of the electric actuator is actually very simple. Just like a razor used in daily life, the energy source is electricity, and the electricity drives the operation of the valve plate, so as to open and close the valve and circulate or cut off the fluid. The electric actuator of the electric butterfly valve can be divided into switch type and adjustment type. The switch type electric butterfly valve plays the role of a switch; and the adjustment type electric butterfly valve plays the role of regulating the flow, which can accurately adjust the flow to thousands of degrees. It is also a relatively expensive valve. As a device installed in the pipeline, it seems impractical to check the on-off status of the valve, so there is a feedback signal. The regulating type itself has a feedback signal, and the switch type can choose whether to install the feedback signal according to the specific needs of the customer. Here, we will introduce to you the storage method of electric butterfly valve.

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1.The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, not in the open air; the sealing ring should not be in contact with oily substances to avoid aging.

2.Storage and transportation:

3.Use a stuffy cover at both ends of the diameter to prevent dust and rust, and keep the channel clean.

4.The machined surfaces of both ends of the electric butterfly valve should be cleaned of dirt and coated with rust inhibitor.

5Electric butterfly valves with a storage period of more than 18 months should be re-tested before installation and use to ensure structural and functional integrity.


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