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Features of ball valves

Have you ever seen any of these things? Guess what they are?


They called ball valves, came out in the 1950s, with the rapid development of science and technology, in just 70 years, has rapidly developed into a major valve category.

The main structure of ball valve is composed of a ball with a circular through hole and two sealing rings, by rotating 90 degrees and a small torque to realize the opening and closing action. Because the structure of ball valve and plug valve are similar, so it is also known as the ball plug valve.

Because the ball valve is used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline mainly. It has the following advantages:

1. Simple structure, small size, light weight,and convenient maintenance.

2. Small fluid resistance, tight and reliable, good sealing performance.

3. Easy to operate, open and close quickly, convenient for remote control.

4. The sealing surface of the ball and seat is isolated from the medium, and it is not easy to cause the erosion of the sealing surface of the valve.

In addition, because of the ball valve’s wide range of application, diameter from a few millimeters, to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. So ball valves are widely used in petroleum refining, long-distance pipeline, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electric power, municipal, steel and other fields, the general household water supply system will also use ball valves to open and cut off water flow.

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