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    Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Model: DN15-3000,KDLD

    The highest velocity:15m/s

    Precision:±0.3% 、±0.5%

     Power supply:85--265V ,45--400Hz

     Lining material:Ptfe, polyurethane rubber, neoprene, polypropylene

    Electrode materials:Stainless steel, hartz alloy, titanium, tantalum, platinum-iridium alloy, carbonized

     TungstenPressure: 0.6MPa-4.0MPa


    Protection grade:IP65,IP67,IP68

    Temperature: water

    Connection: flange

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    Address: ZhengZhou,HeNan,China.


    The electromagnetic flow meter is one of the most popular flow meters. Flange type electromagnetic flow meter has been used for more than 50 years worldwide. It is widely used for all conductive liquids in every industry, such as water, acid, alkali, milk, slurry etc. Since founded in 2005, WESDOM has sold more than 600 thousand electromagnetic flow meters to provide the solutions for clients in different work conditions.

    Main Performances Parameters: 



    Nominal Pressure

    0.6-1.6Mpa(2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa/6.4Mpa…Max 42Mpa)


    +/-0.3% or +/-0.2%(Optional)


    PTFE, Neoprene, Hard Rubber, EPDM, FEP, Polyurethane, PFA


    SUS316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C
    Titanium, Tantalum, Platinium-iridium

    Structure Type

    Integral type, remote type, submersible type, ex-proof type

    Medium Temperature

    -20~+60 degC(Integral type)

    Remote type(Neoprene,Hard Rubber,Polyurethane,EPDM) -10~+80degC
    Remote type(PTFE/PFA/FEP) -10~+160degC

    Ambient Temperature

    -20~+60deg C

    Ambient Humidity

    5-100%RH(relative humidity)

    Measuring Range

    Max 15m/s



    Protection Class

    IP65(Standard); IP68(Optional for remote type)

    Process Connection

    Flange (Standard), Wafer, Thread, Tri-clamp etc (Optional)


    Main Performances Parameters: 

    Output Signal



    RS485(Standard), HART(Optional),GPRS/GSM (Optional)

    Power Supply

    AC220V (can be used for AC85-250V)
    DC24V (can be used for DC20-36V)
    DC12V (optional), Battery Powered 3.6V (optional)

    Power Consumption



    Upper Limit Alarm / Lower Limit Alarm


    Empty Pipe Alarm, Exciting Alarm

    Explosion Proof



    Features & Advantages:  

    –Bi-directional measurement,easy to install

    –Automatic alarimm functionsfor self-diagnosis

    –LCD backlight makes it easy to read day and night

    –Double frequency excitation,stable zero point;

    –Multi-Language, Module Design,Multifunctional Output;

    –Partially filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter can measure partially filled pipe liquid flow, it is very popular in irrigation.–Its can use solar power supply, this type is very suitable for remote areas where has no industrial power supply.
    –It adopts safe and durable material, service life is longer than normal products. Normally, it can work at least 5-10 years or longer.
    –And we have already got food grade certificate for its liner so it can be used for drinking water, underground water, etc. Many drinking water company use this type in their big size pipeline.
    –We use an accurate mini ultrasonic level meter for its liquid level measurement then the flow meter will record the liquid level and use this parameter to measure liquid flow. This ultrasonic level meter’s blind area is very small and its accuracy can reach to ±1mm.



    Partially filled electromagnetic flow meter should be installed correctly to ensure good measurement. Normally we need leave 10D(10 times of diameter) straight pipe distance before partially filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter and 5D behind partially filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter. And try to avoid elbow/valve/pump or other device which will influent the flow speed. If the distance is not enough, then please install flow meter according to follow picture.



    Flange Electromagnetic Flow Meter Installation Requirement
    Electromagnetic flow meter is widely used in water treatment, food industry, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper mill, chemical monitoring etc. 
    In the metallurgical industry, it is often used to control the flow of cooling water for continuous steel casting, continuous steel rolling, and steel-making electric furnaces; 
    In the field of water supply and drainage in public utilities, electromagnetic flow meters are often used for the transfer measurement of finished product water and raw water in water plants;
    In the pulp process of the paper industry, electromagnetic flow meters are involved in the measurement of the flow of grinding pulp, water, acid, and alkali; 
    In the coal industry, measuring coal washing and pipeline hydraulic conveying coal slurry.
    For food and beverage industries, it is used for beer and beverage filling measurement.
    For chemical and petrochemical industries, it is used to measure corrosive liquids, such as acids and alkalis etc.

    Electromagnetic flow meter

    Measuring Principles:

    The measuring principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the electromagnetic induction law of Farady. The sensor is mainly composed of measuring tube with isolate lining, a pair of electrodes installed by penetration of the measuring tube wall, a pair of coils and iron core to produce working magnetic field. When the conductive fluid flows through the measuring tube of the sensor, the voltage signal in direct proportion to the average flow velocity of the fluid will be inducted on the electrodes. The signal is amplified and treated by the transmitter to realize various display functions. 

    Converter Circuit Schematic:

    The converters supplies a stable exciting current to the coil in the sensor of electronetic flowmeters to get B constant and amplifies the electromotive force and convert it into standard signals of current or frequency so that the signals can be used for displaying, controlling and processing. The schematic of converter circuit is shown in Fig.


    Technical specification:

    1.The flowmeter is compliant to Standard “JB/T 9248-1999 Electromagnetic Flow Meter”.

    2.Maximum flow speed: 15m/s

    3.DN size: 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000

    4.Accuracy: 0.5%, 0.2%

    5.Nominal Pressure: 4.0MPa(DN0-150)




    Or other specified by order


    Electrode Forms and Materials:

    Electrode design has four forms: standard form, scraper form, detachable form and grounding electrode.

    Electrode material is selectable from stainless steel containing Mo, stainless steel coated with carbonized tungsten, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum and platinum-iridium alloy.

    Flange material: carbon steel

    Grounding ring: stainless steel

    Inlet protection ring: carbon steel, stainless steel



    IP68: only available for remote-type sensor with neoprene or polyurethane liner, not including flameproof model.

    Flameproof Standard

    DN15-DN600 compact-type: md II BT4

    DN15-DN1600 remote-type: sensor and converter both installed in dangerous area: md II BT4.

    DN15-DN1600 remote-type: sensor installed in dangerous area and converter installed in safe area: md II BT4

    Connection Cable:

    Special cable is needed to connect the sensor and the converter for remote-type flowmeter. The cable length should not exceed 100 meters. A 10-meter cable is supplied free of charge and the rest is to be ordered.

    10General Specification of Converter

    Power supply: AC 85-265V, 45-63Hz, ≤20W;  DC 11-40V

    Converter display and operation: four keys are available to set all parameters. External handheld or PC can be used to do the configuration. High resolution LCD display with backlight, empty pipe detection and self-diagnostic function are equipped in the converter.

    Digital communication: RS485, RS232, MODBUS,REMOTE

    Output Signals:    – Current output: fully-isolated, 4-20mA/0-10mA ;load resistance: 0-10mA: 0-1.5KΩ; 4-20mA: 0-750Ω.

    Main Performances Parameters: 

    Output Signal



    RS485(Standard), HART(Optional),GPRS/GSM (Optional)

    Power Supply

    AC220V (can be used for AC85-250V)
    DC24V (can be used for DC20-36V)
    DC12V (optional), Battery Powered 3.6V (optional)

    Power Consumption



    Upper Limit Alarm / Lower Limit Alarm


    Empty Pipe Alarm, Exciting Alarm

    Explosion Proof


    Electromagnetic Flowmeter


    OEM service for Mexico Flow Meter

    We are providing OEM services for our Mexico customer various flow meters.

    The average order quantity nearly is 30PCS every month. These flow meters mainly applied in Mexico food, beverage, chemical, wine factory and water treatment system, etc.

    Electromagnetic flow meter

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