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    DN15-3000 Electromagnetic flowmeter


    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: WESDOM/Customer-designed
    Certification: ISO 4064
    Model: DN15-3000,KDLD
    The highest velocity: 15m/s
    Precision: ±0.3% 、±0.5%
    Protection grade: IP65,IP67,IP68


    Tel: +86-18539246853
    Fax: +86-371-55883235
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Address: ZhengZhou,HeNan,China.

    Product parameter:

    Model: DN15-3000,KDLD

    The highest velocity:15m/s

    Precision:±0.3% 、±0.5%

    Power supply:85–265V ,45–400Hz

    Lining material:Ptfe, polyurethane rubber, neoprene, polypropylene

    Electrode materials:Stainless steel, hartz alloy, titanium, tantalum, platinum-iridium alloy, carbonized

    TungstenPressure: 0.6MPa-4.0MPa


    Protection grade:IP65,IP67,IP68

    Temperature: water, oil,Chemical medium

    Connection: flange



    Adoptive standards:

    KDLD series electromagnetic flowmeter is made based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction machine with microelectronics technology for the integration of high-tech products, can measure the closed conducting liquid medium in the pipeline, including strong corrosive liquid such as acid, alkali, salt, mud, the volume of waste water and solid liquid two phase suspension flow. The products are widely used oil, chemical, metallurgical, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper making industries and environmental protection, water conservancy construction and other fields.

    Flow meter to measure the size of the system, two-way within three integrator: forward, reverse the total amount and total and differential; Forward and reverse flow can be shown, and has a variety of output: current, pulse, digital communications, HART.

    Converter adopts 16-bit high-performance microprocessors, 2 x 16 LCD display, parameter setting is convenient, reliable in programming. There is rubber lining and polyethylene lining by ester sensor as nature structure.


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