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  • DIN Swing Check Valve
  • DIN Swing Check Valve
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    DIN Swing Check Valve

    Size: DN50-600

    Pressure: PN1.0/1.6Mpa

    Application Medium: water, oil

    Body: CI  DI  WCB

    Connection: flange

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    The new check valve body and the valve disc can be arbitrarily selected, any one of the valve body and valve combination, can achieve a good check, so if the valve seal or a problem check effect, can replace the valve body or the valve, the valve will not affect the performance, troubleshooting. Old check valve can only be used for one to one, the valve can only be replaced by the entire valve problems, resulting in direct economic losses.

    More Economic:

    new valve flap repeatedly open, rocker impact valve cover to control the degree of opening the valve, long time impact on a site, a long time will certainly be damaged, the new check valve damage is rocker, as long as the replacement shake Arm valve and can work properly. Old-fashioned check valve is rocker impact body, body wall is very thin, a long time, the damage is the body, can only replace the valve, the valve can work properly. Replace the rocker arm to replace the valve body is more economical.

    Tight seal:

    new check valve connecting pin of the ear is directly cast out, so as to ensure the concentricity of the valve to ensure the sealing performance of the valve flap, old-fashioned check valve connection pin of the ear is drilling machine Drill out, artificial drilling, it is difficult to achieve the same angle, which resulted in the valve flap lax, not a good guarantee of valve quality, which is the old-fashioned check valve body and valve one-to-one selection reasons.


    1.The valve flow is streamlined,low resistance.

    2.The open-close part is control by medium itself to prevent backflow.

    3.Seal the pair of pairs of advanced and reasonable, disc, valve seat sealing surface with iron-based alloy or Si Tai Li cobalt-based carbide welding, wear, high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-scratch ability, long service life.

    4.Products can be used in a variety of piping flange and flange standard and flange seal type, to meet a variety of engineering needs and user requirements.

    5.Valve body variety, gasket can be based on actual conditions or user requirements reasonable matching, can be applied to a variety of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.


    DIN Swing Check Valve

    Nominal DN(mm) Measurement(mm)
    L H D1 D2
    50 200 115 165 125
    65 240 130 185 145
    80 260 147 200 160
    100 300 166 220 180
    125 350 188 250 210
    150 400 217 285 240
    200 500 275 340 295
    250 600 370 405 355
    300 700 412 460 410
    350 800 445 520 470
    400 900 505 580 525
    450 1000 695 640 585
    500 1100 750 715 650
    600 1300 850 840 770
    Valve Name Material
    H44T H41T
    Valve body,Bonnet GG25 GG25
    Disc GG25+COPPER Z2Cr13
    Type Face To Face Flange NominalPressure(MPa) Strength (Water)(MPa) Enclose(Water)(MPa)
    H44T DIN3202-F6 DIN2531/2532/2533 1.6 2.4 1.8
    H41T DIN3202-F1 DIN2532/2533 1.6 2.4 1.8


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