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  • Resilient Seated Gate Valve
  • Resilient Seated Gate Valve
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    DIN F5 Resilient Seated Gate Valve

    Diameter: DN50-600

    Pressure: PN1.0 / 1.6mpa

    Temperature: 0-80 ℃

    Medium: Water, gas etc.

    Body material: GGG50 / 40

    Connection: Flange

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    Product Introduction:

    Soft seal gate valve, has overcome the normal gate valve defects which is poor sealed, elastic fatigue and easy to rust. Soft seal gate valve generates tiny deformation compensation effect from the flexible gate, to achieve a good sealing effect. The main advantages of this valve are easy to on-off, reliable sealed with good elastic memory and long using life etc.

    Product features and advantages:

    • Fluid resistance, little erosion and corrosion occurs on sealing surface from the media.

    • Flat base seat—-Traditional gate valve used to have foreign objects such as stone, wood, cement, paper and other debris in the notch of the valve bottom, then cause water leakage when the valve can not be close tightly. Soft seal gate valve is designed with the flat base which is in the pipe’s same level, then no more foreign objects filled in, easily to be free flowing.

    • Overall rubber coating—-Using high quality rubber to overall coat the valve disc both inside and outside, with domestically leading rubber vulcanized technology, the valve is able to maintain accurately geometry size. What’s more, high adhesion between the rubber and valve disc makes the rubber steadily stick with good elastic memory.

    • Corrosion resistance – The valve body is coated with epoxy resin powder, it can prevent the valve from corrosion and rusting, and the valve can be used in waste water system. Difficult to break, traditional gate valve used to cause fracture because of the hit or collision from other objects. The new valve body material is ductile iron, this material makes the fracture situation remarkably reduce.

    • Three “O” ring seals- The stem with three “O” ring rings seal design can reduce friction switch, significantly reducing water leakage , besides, we can replace the valves without stopping the water construction.

    • Helping to drink- Due to the internal body to non-toxic epoxy resin coating, the Inner and outer surfaces of the shutter are completely covered rubber so it will not appear rust or corrosion , insure water available to drink.

    • Body Casting-  Body using precision casting, Precise geometry make it possible to ensure the valve seal without any other finishing to the inner of the valve.

    • Light weight – Body with ductile cast made,lighter in weight than the conventional valve about 20% to 30%, easy installation and maintenance.


    To be used as the regulating and cut off device in the fluid pipeline of following system:

    •    Water                                 •     Electricity

    •    Sewage                              •     Medicine

    •    Construction                      •    Metallurgy

    •    Food                                  •   Textile

    •    Energy 



    Resilient Seated Gate Valve


     Model DN Face to Face L-mm Hand wheel
    diameter   D-mm
     Flange diameter   d-mm  Hole center distance  c-mm Hole number and aperture  x-n The flange thickness (containing water) T-mm Boss height f-mm  Crown diameter   g-mm   Nominal Pressure
     50 150  138 165  125  4-Φ18  19 3  99  PN16
     65 170  173 185  145  4-Φ18  19 3  118
     80 180  173 200  160  8-Φ18  19  3  132
     100  190  200 220  180  8-Φ18  19  3  156
     125  200  230 250  210  8-Φ18  19  3  184
     150  210  230 285  240  8-Φ23  19  3  211
     200  230  270 340  295  12-Φ23 20  3  266
     250  250  350 395 350  12-Φ26 22  3  319
     300  270  350 445 400  12-Φ26 24.5  4  370



    Standard Test

    Shell test
    The cold test of the valve body, which is connected with the valve body and the valve cover, is carried out to test the structural strength, pressure resistance and compactness of the valve housing, including the whole housing in the fixed connection

    Closure test
    Test of sealing performance between valve opening and closing parts and seat seal, between valve body and valve seat.

    Test pressure
    The display pressure of the valve lumen during the experiment

    Test fluid
    Liquid or gas for pressure test of valves

    Test fluid temperature
    The temperature of the liquid or gas used for the pressure test of the valve shall be in the range of 5-40 unless otherwise specified

    Resilient seats
    Seals made of non-metallic elastic materials, solid and semisolid lubricants, etc.

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