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Cleaning method of gate valve

Gate valves are a common type of valve used in infrequently adjusted and closed piping. Mainly used for switching off and on, normally open, normally closed system.  So how should the gate valve be disassembled and cleaned?  

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  1.According to the required specifications of the valve to choose wrench, screw screw, crowbar, top wire and other tools.  

  2.Prepare the appropriate amount of cotton yarn, detergent, according to the valve specifications ready valve end gasket, packing, lubricating oil, etc.  


  1.Operate the valve to fully open position.  

  2.Cut off the control valve before and after the gate valve is removed, and empty the remaining medium in the tube.  

  3.Remove the flange bolts connecting the gate valve and the pipeline with a wrench, tie the appropriate part of the gate valve with a sling, and lift the gate valve with appropriate lifting equipment.  

  4.Disassemble the middle flange, check and clean the valve cavity, gate, stem head, middle flange gasket, etc.  

  5.Damaged flange gaskets need to be replaced, before installation, smear a layer of butter on both sides of the gaskets.  

  6.After cleaning, insert the stem into the gate, align the guide groove of the gate with the guide rib of the valve body, load the valve body, turn the handwheel, make the two flanges close to align, load the bolt, tighten the nut diagonally.  

  7.After debugging, according to the valve corresponding test procedures for pressure test.  

  8.Pick up tools and clean up the site.  



  1.When disassembling, it is forbidden to collide with the sealing surface of the gate and valve seat, and pay attention to the direction of the installation surface of the gate, and mark it before disassembling.  

  2.All parts should be thoroughly cleaned.  

  3.Each part should be loaded as original as possible and adjusted to a reasonable position.  


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