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  • Cast Iron Butterfly Check Valve
  • Cast Iron Butterfly Check Valve
  • Cast Iron Butterfly Check Valve
  • Cast Iron Butterfly Check Valve
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    Cast Iron Butterfly Check Valve

    Size Range: 2~24"(DN50~DN600)

    Pressure: PN10/16

    Design: API 594

    Test: BS EN12266,AP1598

    Work Temperature:-5℃~85°℃

    Face to Face: EN558-1

    Medium: Clean Water , Sewage

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    What is wafer type check valve?

    Butterfly check valve is also called wafer type check valve or double plate check valve, it is a simple structure, convenient installation of check valve, also known as quick installation check valve. It is composed of valve bodies and spring valve cores. It is usually made of stainless steel, ductile iron, and other materials. The two ends of the valve are equipped with sealing rings and clamps.

    Wafer type butterfly check valve is a kind of energy saving product, it is based on foreign advanced technologies and is produced in accordance with relevant international standards. This product has excellent interception performance, high safety and reliability, and small flow resistance. It is mainly used in some small diameter, low-pressure pipeline systems, such as petrochemical food processing, medicine, textile, paper, water supply, drainage, metallurgy, energy, light industry, and other industries of the system. It is used as a one-way check valve.

    Advantages of cast iron butterfly check valve:

    1. Design compact

    Due to the gasket is used as the sealing element, there is no need to increase the coordination surface, making the whole valve structure more simple and compact.

    2. Easy to install and maintain

    The installation and disassembly are convenient and fast. Just the two ends of the valve are stuck on both sides of the outer side of the pipeline to complete the installation. There is no need to disassemble and weld the pipeline, which is very convenient for on-site maintenance and replacement.

    3. Use flexibly

    The valve is automatically opened and closed, without human intervention, convenient and fast to use.

    4. Strong resistance to backflow

    When the medium flow direction is opposite to the requirements of the valve, the valve is automatically closed to avoid the occurrence of backflow phenomenon.

    5. Low fluid resistance

    When the medium flows normally, the wafer type check valve automatically opens, which will not cause resistance to the flow and pressure of the fluid.

    6. Wide range of application

    The wafer type check valve is widely used in a variety of liquid, gas and steam pipeline systems, suitable for a variety of different industrial environments.

    WESDOM  advantages

    1. WESDOM patent products, patent certification
    The product side flanges comply with national, German, Russian, American, British and Japanese standards and other domestic and international standards for multiple pressures, easy connection and wide adaptability, which can reduce the type of purchase and stock.

    2. The product has an independent identity to ensure traceability
    Each wesdom product has its own unique identification number, to ensure product traceability.

    3. Provide material inspection report
    All wesdom products can provide the material inspection report of the main parts.

    4. One-stop service
    One-stop service, we not only supply high quality products, also supply solutions and after-sales service.

    5. WESDOM has a lot of project experience
    We have a lot of project experience in countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines, WESDOM has always been noticed all over the world, and trust comes from quality.

    Quality control process

    quality control process quality control process

    quality control process


    Cast Iron Butterfly Check Valve

    Nominal DN(mm) Measurement(mm)
    L R D Do
    40 43 23.5 92 55
    50 43 28.5 107 65.5
    65 46 34.5 127 81
    80 64 44 142 95
    100 64 52.8 162 121
    125 70 66.5 192 148.3
    150 76 74.5 217 171
    200 89 87.5 272 225
    250 114 127 328 265
    300 114 147 378 310
    350 127 173 438 360
    400 140 198 489 410
    Function & specification

    Nominal Pressure


    Testing Pressure Suitable
    Strength(Water)(MPa) Sealing(Water)(MPa)
    DH77X-10 10 1.5 1.4 ≤80 Water
    DH77X-16 16 2.4 1.8

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