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Brief introduction of automatic exhaust valve

An automatic exhaust valve is a new product in the field of air venting. It can automatically discharge gas from a pipe when the pressure of the gas in the pipe exceeds the set value of pressure. The automatic air venting valve adopts a pneumatic control type so that it can be operated by a simple electric control system. It also has a good performance of automatic regulation and reliable protection function, which can be widely used in many fields such as petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, and so on.

Features of automatic exhaust valve:

1. Reliable performance. PK-EP is used as the material of the venting device. PK-EP has the best performance and the highest reliability compared to all known synthetic materials. The O-ring is made of the optimized material EPDM, which guarantees good elasticity and operational reliability of the O-ring even at high temperatures. The internal spring of the exhaust valve spool is made of special material and nickel-plated stainless steel to prevent oxidation (if oxidation will affect the movement of the spool); the exhaust mechanism of the exhaust valve is very reliable, and each valve passes the exhaust test and pressure sealing test before leaving the factory. The components of the individual are made of high precision casting so as to get perfect assembly.

2. Easy maintenance. Automatic venting is installed with an H18 blocking valve, H18 blocking valve allows easy removal of the venting valve from the system for maintenance, while the water in the system will not flow out, so there is no need to empty the system.

3. Only venting, not draining. Vapor and water separation discs are designed with a special structure to ensure that the exhaust never drains.

4. As long as the system has pressure, the exhaust valve will continuously exhaust.

automatic exhaust valve

The working principle of automatic exhaust valve

The automatic exhaust valve working principle is that when there is gas overflow in the system, the gas will climb up the pipeline and eventually gather at the highest point of the system, and the automatic exhaust valve is generally installed at the highest point of the system, when the gas enters the automatic exhaust valve cavity gathered in the upper part of the exhaust valve, with the increase of gas in the valve, the pressure rises, when the gas pressure is greater than the system pressure, the gas will make the water surface in the cavity fall, the float with the water level Down, open the exhaust port; after the gas is exhausted, the water level rises, the float also rises, close the exhaust port.

By the same token, when the system produces negative pressure, the water level in the valve cavity drops, and the exhaust port opens, because the external atmospheric pressure is larger than the system pressure at this time, so the atmosphere will enter the system through the exhaust port to prevent the harm of negative pressure. If the cap on the valve body of the exhaust valve is tightened, the automatic exhaust valve stops exhausting, and normally, the cap should be in the open state.

Automatic exhaust valve performance requirements

1. An automatic exhaust valve should have a large exhaust volume when the pipeline empty pipe filling can be achieved in a very short period of time to quickly exhaust back to normal water supply capacity.

2. The automatic exhaust valve in the pipe when there is negative pressure, the piston should be able to quickly open a large number of rapid inhalation of outside air to ensure that the pipeline does not produce damage due to negative pressure. And in the working pressure can be a trace of air gathered in the pipe to discharge.

3. An automatic exhaust valve should have a relatively high air closing pressure, in a relatively short period of time before the piston closes, there should be sufficient capacity to discharge the air in the pipe to improve the efficiency of water delivery.

4. Automatic exhaust valve water shut-off pressure should be no more than 0.02MPa, in the lower water pressure can close the exhaust valve, so as to avoid a large amount of water gushing out.

5. The automatic exhaust valve should use stainless steel floating ball (floating barrel) for opening and closing parts.

6. The automatic exhaust valve body should be equipped with an anti-impact protection cylinder, to prevent a large amount of exhaust after the high-speed water directly impact the float (float bucket) and cause premature damage to the float (float bucket).

Automatic exhaust valve troubleshooting methods

1. If the automatic exhaust valve does not open and closes normally, check whether there is a problem with the control signal and signal line;

2. the automatic exhaust valve opens and closes during operation, but the automatic exhaust valve does not open or close normally;

3. when the automatic exhaust valve opens or closes, there is no audible sound or the sound is not normal;

4. the automatic exhaust valve shuts down due to overpressure or under pressure (in some cases it can be opened manually);

5. when the air pressure in the pipeline reaches a certain value in a short time period (such as during startup), there may be gas leaking from the air filter or clogged air filter elements.


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