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  • Brass exhaust valve
  • Brass exhaust valve
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    Brass exhaust valve


    Temperature of Media: Normal Temperature

    Pressure: Low Pressure

    Media: Water

    Port Size: 1/2"-1"

    Working Temperature:-10-110℃

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    Tel: +86-18539246853
    Fax: +86-371-55883235
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Address: ZhengZhou,HeNan,China.

    Product basic description:

    Brass exhaust valve 

    Process precision +machining, other process can be customized.
    Material US Schumann bronze
    Unit Weight 0.1kg-30kg
    Finish Plain,Nickel Plating , Chrome Plating or Polishing
    Application Automotive ,Mining, Railway, Construction equipment,Mining etc
    Quality Control CMM, Projection Machine, spectrometer, Hardness tester, Tensile tester etc.
    Certificate ISO 9001:2008
    Standard ASTM,DIN,ISO,BS,JIS



    Brass exhaust valve

    We can provide many kinds of casting parts/stamping parts/machining parts and forging parts. 
    1. Aluminum casting, sand casting, die casting, gravity casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, forging, stamping, machining. 
    2. Applied software for specification drawings: Auto CAD, Solidworks. 
    3. Precision machining: CNC, milling machine, drilling machine, numerical lathe, all types of lathe. 
    4. Surface finish process: polishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating, mirror polishing. 
    5. Good quality and strict delivery time. 

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